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These are my stories of expat life in northern England and beyond.

Forest of “Weeds”

As it turns out, a “weed” is a very relative term.  While most of us see a foxglove as a beautiful flower to admire and enjoy, there are others, particularly those who ride or care for horses, who see them as … Continue reading

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Summer Chicks

While Joel was out mowing the lawn a couple of weeks ago, our kind neighbor Ken invited us all over to see some freshly hatched baby chicks.  Of course, we jumped at the chance and scurried over.  What a delightful … Continue reading

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The Gloaming

Now I get it.  After reading all of Liz Curtis Higgs’ novels and always trying to imagine “the gloaming” she would describe…well, I get it now.  And I love it!  Wikipedia defines gloaming as “the time after sunset and before dark” or … Continue reading

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With so many “obliging fields” filled with all sorts of wildflowers, we couldn’t help but pick a small bouquet on our walk to Pateley Bridge today.

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Seven Bridges Walk on a Perfect Day

“The rain has moved on And left a new day Nothing seems to move everything is still It’s just a perfect day.” ~Miriam Stockley   The lyrics to that song by Miriam Stockely (from the Tales of Beatrix Potter) basically … Continue reading

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Lambing Season

I saw a mama sheep give birth today!!! It’s lambing season here and I can easily say I am fixated on all the adorable little lambs I see scampering about the countryside, resting, or nursing their mamas.  You can imagine my delight today … Continue reading

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Town and Village Walk #4

When Joel has any days off, we both just want to get out “there” and go for a good walk.  Where else in the world can you walk through almost any pasture or farmland in such breath-taking countryside and still be on a … Continue reading

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