Forest of “Weeds”

As it turns out, a “weed” is a very relative term.  While most of us see a foxglove as a beautiful flower to admire and enjoy, there are others, particularly those who ride or care for horses, who see them as weeds.  These anti-foxglovers, if you will, in fact, yank them out of the ground when they see them!  I learned this from my friend Jenny, an avid equestrian, who saw my “The Gloaming” post and mentioned to me how she was surprised that I liked the foxgloves since she pulled them whenever she saw them.  “Why in the world would she do that?” I asked.  She informed me that they are poisonous to horses and she has always seem them as weeds.  Who knew?  I certainly did not.

Well, anyway, I think most of us can agree that they are indeed a beautiful flower and these photos below are something out of a wonderful dream.  An entire forest of foxgloves!!!!  Beatrix Potter wasn’t exaggerating when she included them all through her stories and illustrations.  They are just gorgeous!  (Sorry, Jenny. ;)


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One Response to Forest of “Weeds”

  1. Meg says:

    Wow those pictures don’t even look real! I guess people don’t take their horses through that forest often? If I had a horse I would probably have to pull them too.

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