The Gloaming

Now I get it.  After reading all of Liz Curtis Higgs’ novels and always trying to imagine “the gloaming” she would describe…well, I get it now.  And I love it!  Wikipedia defines gloaming as “the time after sunset and before dark” or “twilight”.  In the States, I’m used to this period lasting an hour or so on a typical summer evening.  However, where we are located so far up north, the gloaming can last up to 3 hours!  It makes it very difficult to settle down and feel like going to bed at a decent hour, but it sure does make it the perfect time to get out and go for long walks while Joel is at home with the little ones sleeping.  Here are some photos of a recent walk.  They were taken on June 25th, so that was 4 days after the longest day of the year. I’ve included the times that I took them in the captions.  Enjoy the walk with me!

20:50 (8:50 pm) I’ve had to learn to tell 24-hour time here.

An extra friendly cow. He was HUGE!!!

21:00-Flowers grow EVERYWHERE here. These, I can assure you, were not planted. They came up by seed.

21:25-Thank you God for this incredible sunset.

21:35–Fox Gloves. Again, a wild flower and I have learned recently that they only bloom every other year. They were glowing in the gloaming!

21:55–Almost 10:00 pm and back home.  The laundry was dry. I still had over an hour before the stars would emerge.   I found two itty bitty spiders spinning webs on the clothesline.


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These are my stories of expat life in northern England and beyond.
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3 Responses to The Gloaming

  1. rita says:

    I have never understood the full definition of gloaming either. It would be so hard to end the day while there is still beautiful light out. Beautiful photos!

  2. Mary Rush says:

    Especially love the picture of the laundry hanging. Love hanging out laundry. Wish I had room for a clothes line. Mary Rush (your Mom’s friend from church)

  3. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful photos, Em. Can’t decide which I like best, but then, who says I have to? I felt like I got to take a virtual “gloaming” walk. Wish I was there to see it with you!

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