Lambing Season

I saw a mama sheep give birth today!!! It’s lambing season here and I can easily say I am fixated on all the adorable little lambs I see scampering about the countryside, resting, or nursing their mamas.  You can imagine my delight today when I waited for and watched the birth of a new little one.

The mama ewe with her first born.

My friend Jenny lives on a lovely property that sits next to her uncle’s fields.  Each field is divided by a stone wall, of course.  She invited the Sprout and me over this morning to come see the lambs and then our girls could play together afterwards.  We were there last Friday as well and I had just missed a birth that day, so I had my hopes up I might be lucky this morning.  I think my chances were actually quite high being that there are at least 100 mama sheep in that field, all pregnant, just waiting to give birth.

As we approached the neighboring field, both Jenny and I noticed a lamb with a yellowish coating–a newborn.  Jenny said I should stay and wait for the second to be born.  Yeah baby!  Camera in hand, I crouched behind the wall and waited.  Five, ten minutes went by and just when I thought it wasn’t going to happen, I saw the mama’s stomach contract!  She stumbled, then stood and another contraction came.

You'll see the sack of waters in this photo.

I was only a tad bit disappointed when the mama ewe turned to face me–perhaps she wanted her privacy or something–to lay down for 10 seconds while she pushed out her second lamb.

Giving birth.

She didn’t make a sound and I thought for a moment that she was just resting after the birth of her first.  Then she stood and there it was–very still and very slimy and for a second my heart stopped as I was afraid it wouldn’t move.

But after the mama nudged her a couple of times, the little head popped up and the baby started to perk right up. 

Eight minutes later (I timed it), after constant prodding and nudging from mama, the lamb was standing and looking for milk.  Unbelievable and so incredibly beautiful. It was constant contact with the mama after birth with both lambs stumbling around in between their mama’s legs, bumping into one another and trying to suck on anything that slightly resembled a nipple.  Actually, when I first arrived, the first born was trying to nurse the sack of waters that was hanging out of the mama!

You'll notice the first born has a mustard yellow color. That's how you can tell they are newborns.

I’ve posted quite a few photos today so you can get the play-by-play and share in the experience with me!!  Happy lambing!


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3 Responses to Lambing Season

  1. wow. That is so amazing. And so so sweet. Thank you for catching every bit of it in photos. I just kept saying “awww…oooh…awwww!” as I was reading it and scrolling through the pictures. I can’t believe there are just a ton of pregnant lambs out there! And they push out a baby lamb in like ten seconds! So cool.

  2. rita says:

    That is just the sweetest post! I love how your story unfolds, one photo after the other…I almost feel like I was there. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Gosh. Wish my “lambs” came out in 10 seconds. Sheep have it down! But, seriously, what a beautiful thing to witness… I’m having farm fantasies. Chickens, sheep, goats, but not cows. Too scary. And I’ll grow grapes for when we get thirsty. Again, gorgeous photography, Em.

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