Town and Village Walk #4

When Joel has any days off, we both just want to get out “there” and go for a good walk.  Where else in the world can you walk through almost any pasture or farmland in such breath-taking countryside and still be on a public footpath?  The guide book by Elizabeth Fowler that I mentioned in a previous post has been perfect for us.  The walks are all shorter than 3 miles and most are just a half mile walk through a village.  Joel carries the 30 lb. Sprout on his back while I carry the 10 lb Jr. Sprout in my sling.  No need to go any further than 3 miles just yet.  The walk this day was 2 1/2 miles through the countryside, beginning at the Linton (water) Falls, next taking us along the road to the village of Linton, before bringing us back on a public footpath through a pasture.  It was another lovely sunny day.  We see more sunshine than I ever imagined here.  Sunny England. Go figure.