A Trip to the Seaside

In early July, as I was glancing through tourist attractions in a guide book, I saw a thumbnail-size photo of beautiful red cliffs dropping into the ocean called Ravenscar.  What a cool name!  As you read that word, try to put your best British accent on it and read it as (Raven’scur).  It was taken from Boggle Hole Beach and I decided we needed to go there, that very morning.  So, we did!  Allow me to share our day with you.

The 80-mile drive took about 2.5 hours due to all the winding single carriageways, but the view we came upon was so worth it.

We stood atop the small village of Ravenscar and started downhill toward Boggle Hole, very doubtful we’d make it the entire 3.5 miles to the beach and back with Elena in the Ergo on Joel’s back the entire trek.

Robin Hood’s Bay

We hiked down about a mile and a half, stopping to get a good look at the bay from the edge of a cliff as well as the view of the cliffs below Ravenscar.

The hike back up was not easy.  We had descended a good 600 feet, so we were really wanting to get our feet in the ocean by the time we arrived back at the car.

We drove the 20 minutes over to Boggle Hole Beach, anxious to get our feet wet.  Stepping into the North Sea took our breath away it was so cold!  It took me right back to jumping Cascade Falls and into Spud Lake north of Durango, CO.   A bit of sunshine would have been so nice, but this was summer in England and at least it wasn’t raining, yet.  Elena didn’t flinch and just went for it splashing and chasing the tide as it slowly creeped back out to sea.

We three left feeling exhilarated and so blessed for the adventure and beautiful day.


About Em

These are my stories of expat life in northern England and beyond.
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6 Responses to A Trip to the Seaside

  1. rita says:

    What a beautiful story with photos to match! Thank you for taking us along! The photo of you and Elena on the beach looks like a painting. Hmmmm….what to do, what to do:)

  2. what amazing adventures you are having. congrats on another little girl!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Oh my goodness! Breathtaking. What a beautiful day trip. I LOVE the shot of you and Elena in the tide…definition of a happy childhood. Right there.

  4. Robert says:

    This is a great post Emily. I was already looking forward to February, but now I can hardly wait to see some of those sites for myself.

  5. amber says:

    Love this! Especially the picture of you and Elena!

  6. Wow. This really makes it all seem foreign. “This” meaning water and shore- that ain’t Colorado! Really spectacular view!

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