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Caracoles y caca

That’s right, caca.  I’m writing about poop and snails (carcoles) today.  Relax.  They aren’t related.  I just can’t keep this first story to myself. Elena decided recently that she only wants to wear panties.  The first couple days went great, … Continue reading

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Free Range Eggs

I just pulled two loaves of zucchini bread out of the oven and savored two thick and warm slices with cream cheese on top.  A friend recently asked me if I might share the recipes that I am baking on my … Continue reading

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A Long Weekend in Edinburgh

After three straight days of nonstop rain, drizzle, or mist and heavy fog, the sun finally peeked out this morning for an hour.  I enjoyed it while it lasted because now it’s back to a heavy mist again.  The weather here has definitely … Continue reading

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Radio Tower Hike

For over a month now, we’ve stared at this radio tower to the south sitting on top of a very large hill that looms over the valley. I can’t call it a mountain, because as we discovered, the top is not a peak, nor … Continue reading

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